SoundVision – innovative and multi-functional technology to help the visually impaired


Globally, there are lot of aids for the visually impaired that assist them in everyday life, as well as mobile applications that facilitate their mobility, the accomplishment of labor related tasks as well as to track their health status and fitness. However, using multiple applications and aids simultaneously for recognizing and assisting navigation into surrounding environment is a challenging task for the visually impaired.

SoundVision sets the difficult task to serve as a mobility aid that helps the visually impaired to move and explore the surrounding environment easily by creating an innovative and complex device that will give information about distance to objects, indicate obstacles and assist indoor navigation. Additionally, it will increase the perception of environment beyond what is provided by the traditional white cane for tasks such as color and object recognition, compass and indoor navigation, reading text.

Тhe overall objective of the SoundVision project is to develop innovative technologies to help visually impaired and blind people live more independently and actively by using the SoundVision devices in day-to day activities. Thanks to the funding received from Innovation Norway, Scale Focus AD, in partnership with the Norwegian Computing Center (NRS), Synergia Foundation and Adaptor, developed a device that is innovative, affordable, comfortable to use and provides the users with real-time information about the surrounding environment.

Sound Vision contributes to fostering bilateral cooperation for developing and promoting innovation and new solutions within welfare technology. The project is supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Innovation and SMEs Programme in Bulgaria.


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